blond russian bob
Platinum blonde layered bob
baby fine hair
Baby fine hair
Katie Holmes choppy bob
Katie Holmes choppy bob
long layers
Long layers

short hair for spring
Relaxed Glamour

Walking into Judaysia’s private salon evokes a sense of warmth that has long been missed in the beauty world. Her Volumtechnics Haircutting has gained a cult following of women and men who want thicker, fuller hair. “My hair held its shape all through the lockdown. Judaysia’s haircuts have made my hair thicker and fuller. I am so happy to be back in her chair,” stated Carrie Ryan. Indeed, Judaysia is now open. Her private salon offers one-on-one private service. She has implemented a UVC Sanitizing station perfect for sterilizing all of the equipment towels and capes.

People with fine, limp, and thin hair can now have thicker fuller hair. Women love Volumtechnics haircutting. Hair is cut with the flow of the hair stream, producing thicker, fuller locks. Volume is built into the cut where it is needed for each individual’s hair. Volumtechnics thickens hair and keeps the shape as it grows out. “Our obsession with thicker hair has never been stronger” says Judaysia, who created Volumtechnics. “My haircuts thicken every strand. “This is an exciting time in fashion because the new haircuts can be worn on women of all ages. We are moving into a liberating era where women are celebrating their curves, so hair must follow suit. Relaxed glamour is easy, effortless hair,” the hairstylist said.

“I created my hair care so my clients could keep their hair healthy at home. This is especially important now. Clients want shiny, thicker, hair my Judaysia Hair Care solves that problem.. My line is formulated with plants, flowers and the most powerful antioxidants for the hair–resveratrol and acai berry extract,” she said. By appointment only 818-880-4630


The Beauty Clips by Judaysia

Returning to the Salon After Covid

After months of lock down women are looking for a fresh new look that is modern and versatile. Gone are the top knots, split ends, and over grown roots. Now is the time to revise your style and take care of your hair.

From NY to Milan bob haircuts made the biggest statement for fall. The versatile cut was the go-to look that lasted through the lock down. Judaysia’s Volumtechnic Haircutting took center stage. “It’s a miracle my fine, thin, hair looks as thick and full today as it did when I first had it cut. It has held through this whole pandemic”, said Judaysia’s longtime client. Indeed, Judaysia’s Volumtechnics haircutting has gained a cult following of women with fine, thin hair. Her revolutionary haircutting technique builds body and thickness into every strand. Haircuts look thicker and fuller they last longer than ever before. Maintenance and styling are easy; every cut stands on its own and grows out beautifully. Whether your hair is wavy or straight it can be cut to become thicker, because every head of hair has its own unique properties. Here are some tips from Judaysia to help you return to the salon and care for your hair at home.

Select a salon that takes one person at a time. Beauty salons are extremely clean. Working from her private studio, Judaysia sees one client at a time by appointment. A newly installed UVC sanitizing station eliminates bacteria and viruses on all equipment; brushes, combs, capes, towels, and rollers, etc.

Your hair frames your face so be sure to let your stylist see your face and neck (if only for a moment) to determine a cut that is best for you. If you do not want to show your face, opt to have your split ends trimmed.Choose a low maintenance haircut like the bob that can be worn on women of all ages and hair types. It is versatile and can be undercut for extreme volume, it can be layered known as a LOB, or broomstick cut on very straight hair, and it looks great on wavy hair.

Balayage can extend the life of your color. Hand-painted streaks freshen color worn locks. Luxury hair care products are on the rise. Choose shampoos and conditions infused with plants and flowers such as those found at judaysia.com. Be sure to condition your hair to keep it healthy and shiny.

This season we are seeing a return to relaxed hair with volume making a good cut essential. For those whose color has grown out and have become afraid to go back to the salon, Judaysia has launched her signature line of custom do-it-yourself organic and plant based hair color. It is available at judaysia.com and on Etsy at MalibuNaturalMkt. Women rely on their salon as a comforting source of self-care and community.


short hair for spring
Short Shift

Short hair gets an update with clean lines and a pop of color. Short choppy locks were seen on the street in Paris. Shags were seen at Louis Vuitton. For the last several seasons short hair has had an androgynous look. For Spring/Summer we are seeing a shift into a soft sexy focus. If you are thinking short hair for summer here are a few points to consider. Take pictures to your stylist and have a consultation. Even though the picture looks good and you have the same type of hair it will not look the same, every head of hair is different. If you have really long hair go shorter over a few haircuts. For hair that is fine, limp and thin choose a style to add volume and make your hair thicker. Volumtechnics Haircutting thickens hair. Your hair will hold its shape as it grows out. Call Judaysia for an appointment.


Cutting Curly Hair

Volumtechnics Haircutting Technology

The key to shaping curly hair is cutting with the wave pattern. Every head of hair has its own unique configuration. Cutting with the flow of the steam is the secret to shaping wavy hair. Curly hair is longer when it is wet and shorter when it dries. It has great elasticity; the ability to stretch and return to its shape. The natural spring in the hair makes shaping it a joy. You can feel the hair come alive with each snip. A good hairdresser can feel the shape with their hands and create an amazing head of hair with Volumtechnics.

Thinning the hair using thinning shears and slithering techniques can make the hair frizzy and unmanageable. Slithering damages the cuticle of the hair making it coarse, frizzy and dry. Excess bulk can be removed with proper shaping. Curly hair can be very fine in texture, without proper shaping it can become unruly and unmanageable. Volumtechnics Haircutting Technology is the art and science of cutting fine, thin and limp hair. Volumtechnics haircuts keep their shape as they grow out. Your hair will grow longer and stronger. A good cut can stand on its own, it also looks good when it is blown dry or flat ironed.

I use Judaysia Holy Water and Judaysia Hair Salad on curly and wavy hair to eliminate frizz. Judaysia Hair Salad can be used as a smoothing serum for styling wet or dry hair. Judaysia Hair Salad rectifies the moisture content to prevent humidity and moisture from making the hair swell and frizz. After shampooing we use Judaysia Hair Salad on towel dried hair. It smells like tangerine. The holistic plant and flower formula is free of polymers, plastics and parabens. Use the smallest amount, distribute it through your hair and leave it on a few minutes then rinse out. You can also use it on dry hair like a smoothing serum.


Volume Volume Volume

In The Cut

Hair for Spring/Summer has taken on a relaxed look. Hair had a wash and wear approached. Minimal styling was seen on the runway from New York to Milan. To Get The Look. Have your hair cut with Volumtechnics. The unique haircutting technique builds body into fine,thin and limp hair. Your hair holds its shape and makes styling easy. Volumtechnics haircuts grow out and keep their shape. Your hair grows longer and thicker.


Reprint from The Acorn Newspaper
2013-07-04 / Business
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Local stylist lays it on thick
Commentary Hair trends

Choppy chin- and shouldergrazing hair showed up on the runways from New York to Milan for the summer season. Whether fine, thin, limp, or wavy, today’s hair has an effortless, relaxed appeal, local stylist Judaysia says.

“Wearable” was the word that rang out across the lips of the fashionistas. The i-mob chopped their hair into effortless bliss with the new relaxed bob haircut. Modern women love what’s known as volumtechnics haircutting. Hair is cut with the flow of the hair stream, producing thicker, fuller locks. Volume is built into the cut where it is needed for each individual’s hair. Volumtechnics thickens hair and it keeps the shape as it grows out.“Our obsession with thicker hair has never been stronger” says Judaysia, who promotes the volumtechnics approach. “My haircuts give you a modern sexy look.

“This is an exciting time in fashion because the new haircuts can be worn on women of all ages. We are moving into a liberating era where curvaceous women are celebrating their curves, so hair must follow suit. Relaxed glamour is easy, effortless hair,” the hairstylist said.

Luxurious products make hair healthy and help to keep it that way. Products with nature in the bottle are kind and gentle to the hair and scalp, giving it the optimum conditions for growth.

“I created my hair care so my clients could keep their hair healthy at home. They want shiny, thicker hair so I developed my Naturceutical line with plants, flowers and the most powerful antioxidants for the hair–resveratrol and acai berry extract,” she said.Call Judaysia for a Volumtechnics haircut at (818) 274-2932. For products, books and more, visit www.judaysia.com.

Judaysia Beauty Clips can be seen on YouTube along with the latest trends from the runway and how to wear them.


Hair Cut for Fine Hair

One of the hottest trends for the season is the new bob. Relaxed hair is so right for fine, limp and thin hair. The undone choppy edges give the hair every day appeal.

Have your hair cut with Volumtechnics. The advanced hair cutting technology thickens every strand. The hair can be cut for maximum volume and ease of styling.

This look is great for women of all ages. Choose the length of your bang. Call Judaysia for an appointment.


Hair Cuts for Spring
Hair that moves. The new bob.

Wearable hair was the theme for Spring. Textured bob’s just above or grazing the shoulder were seen on models at Burberry and Theykens’ Theory.

These messy, raggy bobs can be worn on almost every hair type. They are perfect for fine, limp and thin hair. The overall look is very relaxed easy hair. Like you have not made an effort.

Using the right technique when cutting will give your hair the look. The texture of your hair is most important. A blunt cut with a razor will give you the perfect cut if your hair is wavy or straight. The Broomstick Bob is cut with scissors. Hair has loosened up. Have it cut the way it naturally falls.


To Get The Look:

Have your hair cut with Volumtechnics Haircitting Technology. Fine,limp and thin hair need volume. Volumtechnics Haircutting thickens fine,limp and thin hair. Volumtechnics follows the hair stream. When your hair is cut with Volumtechnics it is thicker.You can feel it instantly. Styling is easy.


To Style:

Use products that will not weigh hair down. An undone relaxed look is key.

Broomstick blunts are finished with a Denman style brush. The Denman lets the air flow through keeping it straight and drying without frizz. Its the best way to dry the broomstick bob and keep the volume.


Good Condition

Keep your hair clean and conditioned, so it is soft and moves. Use Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo. Finish with Judaysia Hair Salad the holistic blend of plants and flowers shines and destresses hair for a lustrous finish.

If you have your hair cut with the razor, use Judaysia Thic to style. Let it dry naturally if it has even the slightest bend. Blow it dry gently to finish. You want to get the relaxed look.


Broomstick Blunt

For the Broomstick Blunt Use Judaysia thic and style with the Denman Brush. Spray on Thic comb through. Dry hair in small sections with the Denman. Follow along from the scalp to the ends with the blow dryer on each section.

This look is for women of all ages. Softer,looser hair is age defying. Keep it loose. Buy your hair care like you buy your skin care, buy the best salon quality. Buy Judaysia Hair Care. Judaysia is the creator of Volimtechnics Haircutting Technology.


Before You Cut Your Hair

Length in a hair cut is one of the most important elements. Length can make your face look wider or longer. It can make your nose bigger or smaller.

Your hair frames your face. When considering a haircut look at where the light is going to be focused on your features.

As we age we need to soften the lines on our face and neck. Longer hair can be a woman's and a man's best friend.

Men with big ears look best with some hair over the top of their ears. Unless of course, you are going to shave your head and make your big ears a statement.

Flat ironed hair can make your head look big. Flat ironed hair is tired hair. Hair should move and breathe. I like to use the flat iron to soften and relax curl or too much frizz. Some grey hair can be so frizzy.

Talk to your hairdresser. Ask. What would this length do to my features. Take pictures and try on some wigs to see different lengths on your face.


Hair Loss

Hair loss and oil product build up. When you let oil build up on your scalp from product or from oily scalp (not washing your hair daily) even clarifying shampoo will have a hard time removing the oil.

Products with oil build up on the scalp. Studies have shown it all comes down to hours. Daily washing helps you keep your hair machine working properly. The health of your hair depends on it.

Having a deep follicle cleanse removes excess build-up and allows oxygen to get to the follicle. When you remove the excess oil the hair has more grab and will not fall out so much. Oily products cause hair to slip from the follicle.

It is a good idea to see your hairdresser for a deep follicle cleanse once a month to reduce fallout and promote growth. A deep follicle cleanse will make your hair explode with volume. Your scalp will be clean and invigorated. The Naturceutical gentle cleansing treatment removes build-up and oil with natural botanicals to maintain the health of your scalp. Your hair will shine and breathe and smell so lovely. Use Judaysia Naturceutical Hair Care for beautiful healthy hair.


Volumizing Fine, Thin Hair

Beautiful hair can be achieved when it is cut and cared for. Fine, thin and limp hair can become thicker with Volumtechnics Haircutting.

Volumtechnics haircutting flows with the natural stream of the hair. This allows the hair to swing and move. The hair is cut with weight. Volumtechnics is the art and science of thicker fuller hair.

Volumtechnic haircuts make styling your hair easy. They grow out and hold their shape. Using good hair products is something we can all do. Judaysia Hair Care can be used at home. The unique blend of plants and flowers thicken and shine hair.


Volumtechnics Haircutting
Making Thin Hair Thicker

Volumtechnics haircutting technology makes fine, thin and limp hair thicker. Weight is cut into the hair giving it support. Hair with support thickens with volume.Volumtechnic hair cuts stand on their own. The shape is there. It makes styling easy.

Hair that is really short cannot be cut with Volumtechnics. Length is needed, especially on top so volume can be supported. Hair cut with Volumtechnics grows out beautifully. The haircuts hold their shape as they grow.

Your hair will grow longer and stronger. It also makes it easy to move from one look to another. Thickening your hair with Volumtechnics eliminates split ends. Split ends can cause the hair to split and break. They make the hair dry and frizzy.

To keep your hair up between salon visits use Judaysia Hair Care. It is formulated and blended with herbs, plants and flowers that stop hair loss and promote hair growth.


Haircuts For Women Over Sixty

My E-Book Hairsyles For Women Over Sixty is full of hairstyles and secrets the stars use. The book contains styling tips, camouflages for the neck, forehead,etc. It is available at: https://www.judaysia.com/products.html

Longer hair as we age is now becoming the norm. We are seeing how youthful and sexy women look as they age with longer hair


Long Baby Fine Hair

Claire Courtin's longbaby fine hair is beautiful. Growing baby fine hair long makes it thicker and easier to manage.

Millions of women have baby fine hair. When it is cut too short it just lies down flat. It needs length to give it weight. It also needs a cut to distribute the weight. Volumtechnics cuts weight into the hair where it is needed making it thicker.

Baby fine hair is a beautiful texture. You can do so much with it. Baby fine hair is easy to maintain. It can be blown dryed, waved and rolled. It is easy to put up in a twist or chignon. Love your hair for what it is and make it your most important accessory. At right Claire Courtin. Her baby fine hair makes her look angelic.


How To Get The Best Haircut

Here are some insider tips on getting the best haircut.

Do your homework, take your time and find the right stylist for you. It does not matter if you like someone else’s haircut. The stylist may not be good for you.

Always have a consultation before the cut. Take photos to your stylist along with photos of cuts you like. You will have a common thread as to length, texture and layers. Bring pictures of celebrities, models, yourself, etc. Ask if you can have this haircut. When you are selecting photos keep in mind your face shape and hair texture. You know what your hair will do. Work with your own natural texture. Wavy hair should be cut with the wave, etc.

Get a stylist who will consult with you, someone into your look who is open and willing to talk to you and give you advice. Maybe your hair texture is not right for the cut. Work together. Ask if they are cutting with a razor or scissor. If you do not like the razor say so. If you do not want your hair thinned tell your hairdresser. Have your stylist give you styling tips. When you find a good stylist stay loyal. They will get to know you and your hair.


Glamhair Winter2009
As Seen In Glamhair
By Larry S. Oskin

Judaysia Salon

This great salon is known for their Volumtechnics Haircutting,which is the art of cutting volume into fine, limp, thin hair. This is a very private salon, with a special local and celebrity clientele. Judaysia is known for fashion forward haircuts and Volucolor haircolor with trend setting hairstyle design. In business for over 16 years she has been internationally trained in London, Milan and Paris and she offers you her own signature Judaysia Haircare products..



Millions of women with super fine hair want to wear their hair in more than one style. Volume is the number one request, and no one does it better than Judaysia. Her haircutting secret Volumtechnics.

Volumtechnics is a unique haircutting technique that builds body into fine, limp and thin hair. Judaysia has given new life to fine, thin, limp hair once thought of as hopeless and to be cut only in a blunt. She has revolutionized the way it is cut and shaped with Volumtechnics.

Judaysia developed the concept of Volumtechnics while studying haircutting in Europe. Volumtechnics distributes the weight where you need it most.

Most appointments are a private session with Judaysia. She teaches you how to style your hair. Judaysia's one on one approach is a learning experience. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Judaysia'a legendary haircuts thicken the hair.

Volumtechnics adds freedom to the hair, building body and shape into the haircut, making it so easy to style.

After the cut : Judaysia colors your hair like she is painting a canvas. She layers color into the hair adding depth, lightness, warmth and life to compliment the skin tone.Color shows off the cut. Natural hair color is made up of many shades. A true color has all the elements. Shine, depth,warmth, hair that flows.

Judaysia has developed hair care products that instantly thicken fine, limp and thin hair. Ginseng based botanical formulas made with herbs and flowers to promote hair growth and a clean healthy scalp.



Get hooked on volume!

Curiosity took me over and I found myself at Judaysia. What was Volumtechnics all about? Could Judaysia really take my five strands of hair and thicken them? After struggling with what other hairdressers call cotton candy for over forty years I decided to give it a try.

As I entered her chic little private salon I immediately felt at home. Judaysia was standing underneath a crystal chandelier cutting the tresses of a young woman half my age. They seemed to be having the time of their life. She was volumizing layers into her long honey blonde hair. All at once it puffed into volume. Easy, fast, to die for.

But, what could she do for me? My fine, limp, shoulder length hair wanted only to stick to my head. Judaysia took so much time with me. She asked me about my hair and what I was capable of doing with it. We decided to volumize my hair with her Volumtechnics haircutting technique. We also agreed a long fringe (bang) would soften my face and update my look. After a relaxing shampoo she began to work her magic. She proceeded to cut volume into my hair by building weight where I needed it and distributing the fullness.

When she was finished she told me to shake my head. I could not believe how free my hair was and most of all how it moved. I loved the feeling of my hair even in the damp stage. She used the blow dryer with her hands, barely using a brush. My hair exploded and the shine was incredible. When I looked into the mirror I had to say my hair never looked so good and I looked ten years younger. But could I do this at home. How would it look tomorrow after I washed it? I have to say this is the best hair cut I have ever had in my life. Not only is it easy it is growing out and keeping its shape. I am hooked.

Judaysia’s Volumtechnics Haircutting is for me. This is the first time in my life that I am wearing my hair instead of it wearing me out.

Call Judaysia for an appointment. 818-880-4630. Judaysia Hair Care products can be purchased from her website www.judaysia.com/products.html



Los Angeles - Thousands of women from all walks of life with baby fine, limp and thin hair have been transformed by Judaysia’s artful eye and VOLUMTECHNICS haircut. The award winning stylist has coifed famous heads in Hollywood. Judaysia’s background in television and movies has made the fine hair of tv and movie stars some of the most sought after hair in the world. Judaysia’s philosophy that baby fine hair can be fashionable and sexy has made her a household name with celebrities. Her vision and talent created Volumtechnics, a unique haircutting technique that builds body into fine, limp, and thin hair.

Judaysia’s haircuts are legendary. She has revolutionized the way fine hair is cut and shaped. She cuts and shapes the hair following the natural stream building volume where it is needed making hair thicker. The hair always has shape even as it grows out. The shape is cut into the hair making it easy to style.

Appointments with Judaysia are private .She is the artist creating a look for her clients in the privacy of her studio. Judaysia analyzes each client’s personality, lifestyle, facial structure and body type to create a look from which her beauty can glow. She colors the hair like she is painting a canvas. Judaysia layers the color into the hair adding dimension, life and warmth to compliment the skin tone.

Seeing the need for her clients to care for their hair at home Judaysia created her own line of products. They are formulated with today’s botanical technology. She worked with a team of scientists and herbal experts to develop ground breaking research that allows for the blending of healing herbs, plants and flowers. They encourage growth and impart a healthy clean hair and scalp.

Judaysia likes to make women feel good about themselves. A beautiful hair cut and color gives them confidence.



Los Angeles - Tired of your hair looking thin and limp? Maybe even your scalp is showing through. Volumtechnics, a unique haircutting technique builds incredible body into fine limp hair.

"With Volumtechnics I build weight into the hair where it is needed. The hair is never thinned out in any way," says Judaysia, the hairdresser who created the technique.

Hundreds of women and men are falling in love with their hair. "I use to go to the hairdresser only to come home and cry," stated Barbara Beresh , "now I can’t wait to go back. My hair is so full of body and life. I look in the mirror and love what I see. Styling my hair is so quick and easy."

Even if your hair is long it does not have to be weighted down. Volumtechnics releases the hair and builds volume. Today’s hair with it’s easy casual style needs shape and body. Any type of hair as well as any style can benefit from Volumtechnics. Your hair is cut so it is allowed to use it’s own shape and stream of flow.

Judaysia cuts weight into the hair where it is needed to produce hair that holds its shape even as it grows out. Hair that was once thought hopeless can now be cut to look thicker.

Judaysia is an award winning hairdresser who previously worked on commercials and films. She developed her technique while studying in Europe. Her salon is private and clients are treated to one-on-one appointments. Haircuts are 100.00 and up.

"I looked haggard and tired all the time. My limp, thin hair just stuck to my head and you could see through to my scalp on top. Judaysia volumized my hair and brought my look up to date with cut and color. Now I feel it swing and move. When I look in the mirror I see full shiny hair. God bless her, she saved my life!" Patricia, Calabasas, CA.


Haircutting For Curly Hair - New direction

Why curly hair loves Volumtechnics! Volumtechnics gives curly hair shape and direction. When curly hair has been given the freedom to come alive with Volumtechnics it is so easy to style.

Waves are easy to do with curly hair. With Volumtechnics, layers are placed in the curve of the hair where the wave opens up and takes on a new direction. Volumtechnics can shape it under, over or up depending on the length.

Hair can be left to dry on its own. Applying Judaysia Holy Water to curly or wavy hair controls frizz and can be used on the second day to restore waves. Holy Water soothes and calms the cuticle eliminating frizz with ginseng. Spirulina promotes hair growth, rosa and centella nourish and shine the hair. It can be used as a leave in conditioner it will not weigh the hair down and as a setting spray.