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Sun streaked wavy hair looks best worn long and loose. Hair color multishaded with tones of blonde soften new growth.
Talk to your stylist about highlighting your hair. Choose shades of wheat, honey, and strawberry or caramel, flax and corn silk Mix up any combination depending on your natural color and personal preference. Have your hair shaded with fine streaks to blend in with your natural hair. Multishading  softens the line of demarcation from the new growth. For hair color in the dark shades a base color to lighten your natural color a few shades will soften the new growth. Your stylist can shade on top of the base color. The advantage of a base color is you do not  have to add the highlights every touch up. The base color allows you to go longer between salon visits.
Touch up your hair every eight to ten weeks. Keep up on yout touch-ups. Catching the new growth sooner usually results in a beautiful color. The new growth is closer to the scalp.
It is fun to make waves.  One of the easiest ways to achieve the look is with a curling iron. A small barrel iron will make tighter waves. The larger barrel makes looser waves. Take your time and wave your hair with small sections. Start at the base of the strand and curl your hair in a candlestick fashion. Heat the hair a few sections and then release clicking off with the tension guard. Allow your curls to cool before releasing them by running your fingers through your hair.
Be good to your hair. Condition it. Hair loves conditioners. It soothes the hairs cuticle and moistirizes it. Your hair wants to look healthy and shiny. Judaysia Hair Salad is the ultimate spa treatment for your hair. Baby fine hair loves Judaysia Hair Salad.
Judaysia Hair Salad moisturizes the hair and gives it elasticity so it can stretch and bend without breaking. Using a very small amount assures shiny healthy hair.
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