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Before you cut off all your hair consider these tips.
If you have really long hair go shorter over a few haircuts. This will lessen the shock if you have never worn short hair before and a good way to see if you have made the right decision.
Approach your new short cut with a positive attitude. If you have just suffered a loss or some trauma in your life now is not the time to make a drastic change.
Ask your hairdresser how the short cut will react to your hair. Ask how much work is involved to achieve the look on a daily basis. You may want to consider the maintenance on cutting and the cost.
Give yourself time to adjust to your new look. Whenever you change your style change your make-up.
Try on wigs to determine what length is best for you.
Take pictures to your stylist and have a consultation. Even though the picture looks good and you have the same type of hair it will not look the same. Every head of hair is different.
If you have fine, limp and thin hair choose a style to add volume and make your hair thicker. Volumtechnics Haircutting thickens hair.
Have your stylist teach you to use new products and styling techniques for your new look.

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