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  The New Layers.
The return to volume is seeing one of its finest moments.
Lots of long messy layers create volume on top, lift hair up and free it from the flat iron.  Backcombing will give your hair height. The look is easy to do.
Shampoo your hair with a volumizing shampoo. Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo gives hair volume and body. After towel drying apply Judaysia Thic. Judaysia Thic thickens every strand giving you more hair.  Blow hair dry using a big round boar bristle brush to lift and volumize hair at the roots. Set your hair dry on jumbo Velcro rollers. Take small sections and roll hair in a downward pattern. You can roll the bang to the side. After setting, spray hair with Judaysia VS Shaper Hairspray Hairdresser in a Can. This will set your hair, volumize and thicken it. The memory hold makes it very easy to work with. (Note: Do not use a wet hairspray.) Use your blow dryer to heat up your rollers and set your hair. Leave it up for 30-45 minutes. Remove rollers and run your fingers through your hair releasing the set. Backcomb the crown. To backcomb use a Comare Mark V Comb or a backcombing brush. Take small sections and holding the end taut make a grating cheese action with your comb. Work from ends to scalp in the motion creating a soft cushion. Style hair into place by combing smoothly in the desired direction. Finish with Judaysia VS Shaper or for more hold and humidity proof use Judaysia Platinum Extra Hold.
For more tips on styling and how-to refer to Style Your Hair by Judaysia.
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