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In southern California the weather can be very hot and windy. In August I notice my client’s hair tends to shed. The comb and brush will be filled with hair. This will usually last a month or so depending on how hot and dry it gets. No one has every gone bald. Their hair grows back. Little hairs will soon be sticking up all over their head and grow out replacing the fallen hair. If you are worried about your hair falling out don’t panic. It is a natural process.
There are other reasons hair tends to shed. One of the biggest causes is medication and this includes hormones  bioidentical and synthetic. I noticed women who were taking hormones seemed to have much thinner hair. I am talking about the density. They tend to have less hair. I have noticed when women in my salon start taking hormones their hair begins to thin out. It usually means something in the composition needs to be adjusted. Some of my clients stopped taking hormones and their hair grew back very thick.
I am only telling you what I have seen.
Steroids will make your hair really thin. My girlfriend was on steroids and I could see her scalp. Her hair grew back when she went off the steroids.
If your hair is falling out check any and all medications.
After child birth many women experience their hair falling out. It always grows back. I have seen it change textures. Hair that was previously straight became curly and vice versa.
There are some things you can do to help your hair grow back.
Try Biosil. It is silica, a natural mineral found in our body. Biosil has done research with women and they advertise thirteen percent more hair in six months. I take one tablet every day and I have noticed a big difference in my hair. It is growing longer and it seems to feel thicker. You can boost your silica with biotin or a hair vitamin.
Keep your scalp clean. This means wash your hair and let it breathe. Oil builds up on the scalp and clogs the follicle. Wash you hair after exercising to remove dirt and oil.  
 I use Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo and Judaysia Everyday Shampoo. I love my own shampoo. I use it everyday and I love my hair. It shines, it is soft, and the color never fades. I also use Judaysia Hair Salad. It strengthens my hair and rebuilds the elasticity. It keeps my hair from breaking and splitting. Nothing feels better than a clean head of hair.
Massage your scalp with little rotary movements. Massage stimulates the follicle. It will also help to relax you.   
Visualize a thick full head of hair. See it really big and thick. This will guarantee some form of success. When you are thinking negative thoughts about your hair you are attracting negative results. Change your thinking.
Use good quality hair care products. Use Judaysia.  www.judaysia.com/products.htm


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